June 18, 2015: PhD public defence - Borja Gonzalez - Evaporation of polonium from lead-bismuth eutectic nuclear coolant - KUL
June 1, 2015: PhD public defence - Maarten Strackx - Pulsed UWB Radar Design for Remote Sensing - KUL
First edition of the Nuclear Career Day was a success!
Alessandro Marino wins ENEN PhD Prize
WNU Nuclear Olympiad 2015: Nuclear Techniques for Global Development
April 30, 2015: PhD public defence - Elena Salvagnini - Proposition and large scale verification of optimized dose settings for 2D digital mammography - KUL
March 18, 2015: PhD public defence - Nele Kesteloot - Deformation and mixing of co-existing shapes in the neutron-deficient polonium isotopes - KUL
March 7, 2015 | SCK•CEN participates in the Open Day of the European School (Mol)
March 30, 2015: PhD public defence - Quoc Tri Phung - Effects of Carbonation and Calcium Leaching on Microstructure and Transport Properties of Cement Pastes - UGent - TUDelft
February 2, 2015: PhD public defence - David Jaluvka - Development of a Core Management Tool for the MYRRHA Irradiation Research Facility - KUL
January 27, 2015: PhD public defence - Annelies Suetens - Cellular and molecular characterization of the effects of different beam qualities on in vitro cancer cell models - UCL
Participate in the Spirulina contest for highschools !
January 23, 2015: PhD public defence - Hanène Badri - Molecular investigation of the radiation resistant cyanobacterium Arthrospira sp. PCC8005 - UMons
January 23, 2015: PhD public defence - Luana de Freitas Nascimento - On-line Dosimetry for Radiotherapy Using Non-invasive Optical Fibre Sensors with Al2O3:C RL/OSL Detector - UGent
December 19, 2014: PhD public defence - Tom Tindemans - A contribution to the development of sensitive and isotope-selective analytical methods based on sector-field ICP-MS - UGent
October 17, 2014: PhD public defence - Alexey Faustov - Advanced fibre optics temperature and radiation sensing in harsh environments - UMONS
October 10, 2014: PhD public defence - Alexander Bakaev - radiation effects in structural steels for nuclear applications: an atomistic study - UGent
Award best master thesis 2013-2014 - and the winners are...
September 30, 2014: PhD public defence - Matthias D'Huyvetter - radiolabeled nanobodies as theranostic tools in targeted radionuclide therapy of cancer - VUB
September 25, 2014: PhD public defence - Olivier Van Hoey - Simulation of plasma-wall interaction processes and tritium retention in fusion relevant materials: experiments and modeling - UGent