September 27, 2017: PhD public defence - Monica Chiapetto - Computer simulation of the nanostructural evolution under irradiation in ferritic alloys - ULille
September 27, 2017: PhD public defence - Bo Byloos - The interaction of bacteria with volcanic rocks on Earth and in space - UGent
SCK•CEN recognized as a role model by the highest international authority in atomic energy, IAEA.
August 30, 2017: PhD public defence - Bjorn Baselet - Molecular characterization of endothelial cell response in the context of radiation-induced atherosclerosis - UCL
August 18, 2017: PhD public defence - Ellina Macaeva - Radiation biomarkers: novel insights from transcriptional studies - UGent
The SCK•CEN Academy is looking for a new colleague
July 3, 2017: PhD public defence - Natalia Ilyina - Reconstruction of acoustic tissue properties for ultrasound tissue characterization - KUL
April 27, 2017: PhD public defence - Petr Grigorev - Assessment of retention of plasma components in tungsten under high flux plasma exposure - UGent
SCK•CEN Chair “Roger Van Geen” 2017
March 20, 2017: PhD public defence - Shinichiro Uematsu - Radiocaesium transfer to crops in the Fukushima accident affected environments - KUL
SCK•CEN has established a collaboration agreement with the World Nuclear University (WNU)
Successful second edition of the Nuclear Careers Day
SCK•CEN awarded Annual Prize for Science Communication
Award best master thesis 2015-2016 - and the winners are...
October 3, 2016: PhD public defence - Luca Fiorito - Nuclear data uncertainty propagation and uncertainty quantification in nuclear codes - ULB
September 30, 2016: PhD public defence - Riccardo Rossa - Advanced non-destructive methods for criticality safety and safeguards of used nuclear fuel - ULB
September 28, 2016: PhD public defence - Donald Houngbo - Development of a liquid-PbBi target for ISOL@MYRRHA - UGent
September 27, 2016: PhD public defence - Mohamed Ahmed - From sequencing reads to microbial diversity - VUB
CEA-INSTN and SCK•CEN sign framework agreement on collaboration in E&T
September 14, 2016: PhD public defence - Gregory Leinders - Low-temperature oxidation of fine UO2 powders - KULeuven