Determination of gas-LBE flow patterns with optical probes

SCK•CEN Mentor

Rosseel Kris,, +32 (0)14 33 80 05

Expert group

Conditioning and Chemistry Programme


Lead-Bismuth Eutectic is foreseen as the coolant for the next generation nuclear system currently under development at SCK-CEN.  In lead-bismuth eutectic, corrosion and oxidation phenomena are determined by the local dissolved oxygen concentration.  Injection and redistribution of fine gas bubbles in a stirred bubble column has been shown to be an efficient way to change the dissolved oxygen concentration.  The efficiency however is strongly determined by the flow regime of the bubbles, The latter is determined by ratio of the rotation speed of the impeller and the gas flow rate. 


In previous work it has been shown that optical probes can be used to detect the presence and amount of  gas bubbles in LBE.  In this internschp, the intention is to extend this work in an effort to determine the bubble distribution in a stirred bubble column.  This will be helpfull to validate CFD work that has been caried out during previous internships.

The minimum diploma level of the candidate needs to be

Academic bachelor

The candidate needs to have a background in

Physics , Chemistry

Estimated duration

2 months