Severe accident mitigation in MYRRHA

SCK•CEN Mentor

Scheveneels Guy,, +32 (0)14 33 21 60

Expert group

Nuclear Systems Physics

SCK•CEN Co-mentor

Belloni Francesco , , +32 (0)14 33 21 97

Short project description

The subject of this postdoc relates to the safety analysis of the MYRRHA reactor that is currently being designed at our institute.

Severe accident studies are an important aspect of the safety evaluation of a nuclear reactor and  a lot of research and engineering work is being devoted to this subject for light water reactors and sodium fast reactors, the more so after the Fukushima accident of March 2011. Particular properties of a fast reactor cooled by heavy metal probably lead to a very different behavior of severe accident scenarios and therefore such reactors might require very different mitigation strategies for severe accidnet conditions. The subject of this postdoc position is to contribute to the understanding of the in vessel behavior of the fuel after postulated core desintegration events in the MYRRHA reactor. This understanding is required to design the necesssary engineering features to control reactivity and decay heat removal in degraded severe accident conditions.

The minimum diploma level of the candidate needs to be


The candidate needs to have a background in

Electromechanics , thermal-hydraulics, CFD
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