Testing, validating and optimizing an electronic personal dosimetry system

SCK•CEN Mentor

Majkowski Isabelle, imajkows@sckcen.be, +32 (0)14 02 661 19 77

Expert group

Health Physics

SCK•CEN Co-mentor

Praet Luc , lpraet@sckcen.be , +32 (0)14 33 28 03


Staff working in controlled areas at SCKCEN wear an electronic dosimeter (EPD) that allows instantaneous reading of dose and dose rate. The allocation of this dosimeter to a person and the management of the doses received in the controlled areas by each person is administered by a software that needs to be updated. The new software will be developed by SCKCEN in SQL and an internet application. It needs to be tested, validated and optimized.


The student will test, optimize and validate the new dosimetry software, taking into account userfriendliness.

The minimum diploma level of the candidate needs to be

Professional bachelor , Master of industrial sciences , Academic bachelor , Master of sciences in engineering , Master of sciences

The candidate needs to have a background in

Physics , Radioprotection