Ongoing PhD research

Name Title Univ. Promoter SCK•CEN Mentor PhD started
Dekempeneer Yana 213Bismuth-labeled nanobodies as a new treatment approach in targeted alpha therapy VUB
Caveliers Vicky (VUB)
Gysemans Mireille 2016-10-01
Lemmens Laurent 3D Porous media reconstruction for natural and engineered radioactive waste confinement barriers – A multiscale-multiphase approach KUL
Huysmans Marijke (KUL)
Laloy Eric 2016-10-01
Babaei Saeid A Multi Scale Approach to Model Early Age Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Behaviour on non-reinforced Concrete UA
Steenackers Gunther (UA)
Areias Lou 2017-01-16
Sunay Rodríguez Pérez A simulation framework to balance radiation induced risk against image quality in radiology KULeuven
Bosmans Hilde (KULeuven)
Struelens Lara 2014-12-15
Hoder Gabriel A study of the effect of combined leaching and carbonation processes on physical and transport properties of mortar TUDelft
van Breugel Klaas (TUDelft)
Maes Norbert 2017-01-15
Varzina Anna Accelerated carbonation in unsaturated fractured cement KULeuven
Cizer Özlem (KULeuven)
Perko Janez 2016-10-06
Frederickx Lander Advanced mineralogical study of the clay mineral fraction in Boom Clay KULeuven
Elsen Jan (KULeuven)
De Craen Mieke 2015-11-16
Caglak Emre Atomic scale simulation of gaseous and volatile fission products with application to LWR and GEN-IV fuels ULB
Dubus Alain (ULB)
Govers Kevin 2016-11-16
Buchatskaya Yulia Complexation/colloid formation of U(VI) with Boom Clay dissolved organic matter
Salah Sonia 2016-10-01
Van Walleghem Merel Consequences of space stressors on immunity: evaluation of immunological changes using in vitro and in vivo space analogs on Earth UGent
Baatout Sarah (UGent)
Moreels Marjan 2013-11-01
Latré Edwin Contextual variation in crisis-induced changes in public opinion and nuclear policies: the case of the Fukushima accident UA
Thijssen Peter (UA)
Perko Tanja 2014-10-01
van de Walle Jorden Contribution of epigenetic processes to the induction of long-term effects and adaptive responses of plants exposed to low-dose radiation UHasselt
Cuypers Ann (UHasselt)
Horemans Nele 2013-10-01
Bakaeva Anastasiia Correlation between microstructure and retention in candidate materials for the first wall UGent
Noterdaeme Jean-Marie (UGent)
Terentyev Dmitry 2014-11-15
Lombardo Pasquale Alessandro Creation of computational phantoms for applications in internal dosimetry KUL
Bogaerts Ria (KUL)
Lebacq Anne Laure 2013-11-01
Belmans Niels Dental pediatric imaging: an investigation towards low dose radiation induced risks UHasselt
Lambrichts Ivo (UHasselt)
Moreels Marjan 2015-10-01
Yin Chao Development and qualification of irradiation tolerant tungsten and novel toughness-enhanced composites for fusion applications UCL
Pardoen Thomas (UCL)
Terentyev Dmitry 2017-01-15
Wanna Nancy Development and validation of HPLC-SF-ICP-MS methodologies for characterization of spent nuclear fuel UGent
Vanhaecke Frank (UGent)
Van Hoecke Karen 2017-01-15
Toti Antonio Development and validation of a computational approach to simulate 3D phenomena occurring in the MYRRHA reactor during Loss of Flow transients UGent
Vierendeels Jan (UGent)
Belloni Francesco 2014-11-01
Bijloos Gunther Development and validation of an on-line CFD based data assimilation method for different stratification regimes KULeuven
Meyers Johan (KULeuven)
Camps Johan 2016-10-01
Griseri Matteo Development of carbide materials for radioactive ion beam production at high-power ISOL facilities KULeuven - MTM
Vleugels Jozef (KULeuven - MTM)
Popescu Lucia 2016-10-15
Puype Athina Development of improved ferritic/martensitic creep-resistant steels for nuclear energy UGent
Petrov Roumen (UGent)
Malerba Lorenzo 2014-09-01
Honorio da Silva Edilaine Development of practical eye lens dosimetry for interventional procedures in hospitals VUB
Buls Nico (VUB)
Vanhavere Filip 2013-12-06
Ali Md Muntasir Dissection of novel resistance mechanisms in Cupriavidus metallidurans VUB
Charlier Daniel (VUB)
Van Houdt Rob 2015-10-01
Craenen Kai Effect of radiation on neural tube closure and related congenital abnormalities KUL
Moons Lieve (KUL)
Benotmane Rafi 2014-10-01
Dubinko Andrii Embrittlement of fusion materials initiated by neutron irradiation UGent
Noterdaeme Jean-Marie (UGent)
Terentyev Dmitry 2013-10-07
Byloos Bo Extraction of minerals from rocks with bacteria in space UGent
Boon Nico (UGent)
Leys Natalie 2013-10-01
Miazin Anton Fibre-optic current sensors for ITER and WEST UMONS
Wuilpart Marc (UMONS)
Goussarov Andrei 2016-11-16
Zinovev Aleksandr Finite element modelling of mechanical properties of Tungsten under neutron irradiation UCL
Delannay Laurent (UCL)
Terentyev Dmitry 2015-10-01
Jacops Elke Gas diffusivity as a probe for structural (porosity and transport) properties of geological strata KULeuven
Swennen Rudy (KULeuven)
Bruggeman Christophe 2013-10-01
Seemann Timo Gas transport through hardened cement paste and mortar UGent
Cnudde Veerle (UGent)
Maes Norbert 2016-10-17
Daems Noami Hybrid gold nanoparticles coated with organic polymers and antibodies as platforms for cancer theranostics: Investigation of the cytotoxicity mechanisms and feasibility study of radioactive doping FUNDP
Lucas Stéphane (FUNDP)
Aerts An 2016-10-17
Coninx Emma Identification of radiation-induced premature ageing and neurodegeneration in a mouse model for Alzheimer disease KULeuven
Moons Lieve (KULeuven)
Verslegers Mieke 2016-10-01
Konings Katrien Impact of different radiation qualities on molecular and functional changes in cancer cells: role of Hedgehog signaling KUL
Haustermans Karin (KUL)
Moreels Marjan 2014-10-01
Wangle Tadeáš Improving the sintering behaviour of thorium oxide KULeuven - MTM
Vleugels Jozef (KULeuven - MTM)
Verwerft Marc 2015-10-01
Cristina Antonella Interception, retention and translocation of radionuclides in agricultural crops under greenhouse conditions, following sprinkling irrigation UA
Samson Roeland (UA)
Sweeck Lieve 2016-11-01
Schreinemachers Christian Investigation of the influence of redox conditions on the conversion of actinide solutions into solid microspheres via sol-gel chemistry KULeuven
Binnemans Koen (KULeuven)
Cagno Simone 2016-10-01
Cautaerts Niels Investigation of the influence of thermo-mechanical treatments on microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti stabilized 15Cr-15Ni austenitic stainless steel UA
Schryvers Dominique (UA)
Delville Rémi 2015-10-01
Chiapetto Monica Kinetic Monte Carlo studies of formation of radiation-induced phases in bainitic and ferritic/martensitic steels ULille
Becquart Charlotte (ULille)
Malerba Lorenzo 2013-10-01
Klok Oksana Liquid metal corrosion effects on MYRRHA VUB
De Graeve Iris (VUB)
Lambrinou Konstantza 2014-01-01
Lapauw Thomas MAX phase-based materials for the MYRRHA pump impeller KULeuven - MTM
Vleugels Jozef (KULeuven - MTM)
Lambrinou Konstantza 2013-10-01
Gladinez Kristof Mass transport of oxygen and corrosion products in LBE cooled systems UGent
Heynderickx Geraldine (UGent)
Rosseel Kris 2015-10-01
Yadav Anu Mechanisms of radiation resistance in Arthrospira sp. PCC 8005 UHasselt
Cuypers Ann (UHasselt)
Janssen Paul 2015-10-01
Mbouombouo Mfossa André Mechanistic analysis of radiation-induced microcephaly and cognitive impairment in mice KUL
Huylebroeck Danny (KUL)
Quintens Roel 2015-10-01
Mwihaki Kariuki Jackline Mechanistic understanding of the response to low-dose radiation in plant differing in radiosensitivity: molecular profiling of radiation-exposed Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa UHasselt
Cuypers Ann (UHasselt)
Horemans Nele 2015-10-01
Meleshenkovskiy Yaroslav Medium resolution gamma rays spectroscopy for safeguards applications ULB
Pauly Nicolas (ULB)
Borella Alessandro 2015-09-01
Props Ruben Microbial community fingerprinting to predict pathogen outgrowth in engineered aquatic systems UGent
Boon Nico (UGent)
Monsieurs Pieter 2014-10-13
Van Eesbeeck Valérie Microbiological analysis of spent nuclear fuel pools: towards the identification of radiation-resistant bacteria UCL
Mahillon Jacques (UCL)
Monsieurs Pieter 2015-10-01
Abdelrahman Mahmoud Personal dosimetry of workers without a physical dosemeter using computational methods
Phillips Christophe
Vanhavere Filip 2016-08-16
Saldarriaga Vargas Clarita Preclinical computational dosimetry of Nanobodies in targeted radionuclide therapy of HER-2 over-expressing cancers Saldarriaga Vargas Clarita 2017-04-01
Cea Andrew R&D in support of the development of a Low-Enriched Uranium based radioisotope production target UCL
Pardoen Thomas (UCL)
Van den Berghe Sven 2016-10-01
Ashford Martin RIB production at ISOL@MYRRHA: design-optimization analysis UCL
Aït Abderrahim Hamid (UCL)
Popescu Lucia 2017-01-01
Baselet Bjorn Radiation-induced cardiovascular risks and the potential prophylactic effects of statins UCL
Sonveaux Pierre (UCL)
Aerts An 2013-09-01
Zsabka Peter Radiation-resistant ionic liquids for extraction of minor actinides KULeuven
Binnemans Koen (KULeuven)
Cardinaels Thomas 2015-12-09
Salvato Daniele SEMPER FI – EMPIRE : Study of fission rate and fission density effects UGent
Detavernier Christophe (UGent)
Van den Berghe Sven 2016-11-01
Moortgat Celine Search for a sterile neutrino using a short-baseline oscillation experiment at the BR2 research reactor UGent
Ryckbosch Dirk (UGent)
Koonen Edgar 2014-10-01
Bruneel Yaana Sorption of radionuclides on glauconite from the Neogene KULeuven
Smolders Erik (KULeuven)
Van Laer Liesbeth 2016-10-01
Parisi Alessio Space dosimetry with luminescent detectors UMONS
Mégret Patrice (UMONS)
Van Hoey Olivier 2015-10-01
Di Ciacca Antoine Spatially distributed recharge in groundwater models: bridging the gap between the soil profile and the catchment scale KULeuven
Vanderborght Jan (KULeuven)
Leterme Bertrand 2015-11-14
Cascioli Edoardo Study of low Prandtl number heat transfer in the E-SCAPE liquid-metal pool facility TUDelft
Kenjeres Sasa (TUDelft)
Van Tichelen Katrien 2015-10-01
Raftery Alicia Study of the in-pile recrystallisation of uranium alloys and intermetallics UGent
Detavernier Christophe (UGent)
Van den Berghe Sven 2017-01-01
Van de Voorde Michiel Supported ionic liquid phases for extraction and separation of medical radiolanthanides KULeuven
Binnemans Koen (KULeuven)
Cardinaels Thomas 2015-10-01
Ramadan Raghda The role of intercellular communication in low dose radiation-induced atherosclerosis UGent
Leybaert Luc (UGent)
Aerts An 2015-10-01
Djikanovic Tamara The study of temperature and radiation induced degradation of cable polymers UCL
Devaux Jacques (UCL)
Konstantinovic Milan 2012-12-01
Bensu Tunca Towards the development of novel cladding materials based on nanolaminated ternary carbides (MAX phases) for different nuclear systems KULeuven - MTM
Vleugels Jozef (KULeuven - MTM)
Lambrinou Konstantza 2015-10-01
Charalampopoulou Evangelia Transmission electron microscopy study on the liquid metal corrosion mechanisms of the 1.4970 austenitic stainless steel fuel cladding for MYRRHA UA
Schryvers Dominique (UA)
Delville Rémi 2015-04-15
Dierckx Marc Ultrasonic measurement techniques in heavy liquid metals KULeuven
Bogaerts Walter (KULeuven)
Vermeeren Ludo 2015-01-01
De Meutter Pieter Uncertainty quantification in long range lagrangian atmospheric transport and dispersion modelling UGent
Termonia Piet (UGent)
Camps Johan 2015-01-01