Topical Day | Dealing with environmental contamination: from response to impact assessment

November 26, 2015   Mol (BELGIUM)

Assessing the biological responses and impact following exposure of the environment to contaminants is of concern to us all. Application of a multidisciplinary approach is necessary to evaluate the complex impact of abiotic stressors like organic molecules, metals, fine dust particles, radionuclides and (low dose) radiation on non-human biota as well as on humans. This Topical Day brings together the expertise in this matter of two institutes: “Centre for Environmental Sciences of Hasselt University” and “Environmental Health and Safety of SCK•CEN”. Their researches include both fundamental and applied approaches ranging from responses upon abiotic stress exposure in single organisms and populations to the development of toxicity tests, risk analysis and solutions for contaminated areas. It is the aim of this day to, through discussion, ignite future collaboration.