Topical Day | From nuclear data to a reliable estimate of spent fuel decay heat

October 26, 2017   Mol (BELGIUM)

Nuclear spent fuel continues to emit heat for hundreds of years challenging both intermediate and final disposal. A reliable estimate of this decay heat is of utmost importance for both the design and safe operation of the repositories. Combining state-of-the-art nuclear data, particle transport codes and uncertainty propagation tools, one can develop a procedure to make reliable estimates, including uncertainty, of this decay heat based on the irradiation history of the fuel. In a licensing framework, this procedure needs to be validated against experiments at different scales. This Topical Day aims to bring together specialists in the field of nuclear decay heat data, (non-)destructive analysis of spent fuel and the end-users: designers and future operators of spent fuel repositories for intermediate and final disposal.

The Topical Day is preceded by a training course aimed to introduce Master and PhD students to the topic, or refresh the basic principles to professionals in the domain.