Topical Day | Medical applications of ISOL@MYRRHA

November 25, 2014   Mol (BELGIUM)

The aim of this Topical Day is to present and discuss opportunities for medical radio-isotopes production and research at ISOL@MYRRHA the envisaged Isotope Separator On-Line (ISOL) facility at the MYRRHA accelerator, to be constructed at SCK•CEN in Mol, Belgium.

A wide variety of medical radioisotopes for both therapy and imaging are directly accessible at an ISOL facility. Moreover, ISOL@MYRRHA aims to increase the production yields by two orders of magnitude compared to operating ISOL facilities, which allows producing sufficient quantities of innovative radio-isotopes for preclinical and clinical studies.

This Topical Day is linked to a series of workshops within the BriX collaboration to explore the possibilities of ISOL@MYRRHA (for more information visit the website