Topical Day | The mouse model in radiobiology on the occasion of the inauguration of the new SCK•CEN animal facility

June 12, 2014   Mol (BELGIUM)

The animal model has an essential role in understanding the effects of ionizing radiation on living organisms. Its role at low doses is even more important given the absence of clear biomarkers and firm epidemiological data. The aim of the Topical Day is to discuss the importance of the mouse model for modern radiobiological research and to celebrate the opening of the SCK•CEN new animal facility. Several speakers will present the relevance of animal experiences in their field of research (cancer, cerebrovascular, stem-cell, cataract, congenital malformations…).

Participants will have a unique opportunity to visit the new animal facility and the nearby laboratories of radiobiology and microbiology on the SCK•CEN premises. The implementation of the new Royal Decree on animal welfare of the new facility will be discussed and an overview will be given of the state of the art of the animal research facilities in Belgium and Europe.