SCK CEN Alumni

The SCK CEN Alumni is a dynamic program that connects SCK CEN and all who have spent a considerable time at the nuclear research centre in Mol. It provides professional international networking through an online database.

Who can become a member?

All professionals and students who spent several weeks, months or years working at SCK CEN during their professional and/or student lifetime.

Why become a member?

Being a member of the SCK CEN Alumni allows you to 

  • stay informed about the daily R&D activities of SCK CEN and its achievements (through newsletters, specific e-mails, etc.);
  • connect to other SCK CEN Alumni through the SCK CEN Alumni database;
  • receive first-hand information on SCK CEN Academy education, training and other events and enjoy priority registration possibilities;
  • recieve a reduction fee on a Nuclea membership
  • have a direct link with our R&D and Service Departments to set up research or service collaborations.

How to become a member of the SCK CEN Alumni?

Register to the SCK CEN Alumni database. Confirmation of your registration will be sent within the shortest possible delay. Registration is -of course- free of charge. 


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Visit the SCK CEN Science Platform and stay up-to-date with the scientific activities of SCK CEN.

Discover the vacancies of SCK CEN or find an opportunity for a thesis on Bachelor, Master or PhD level
Bring your nuclear competences to perfection via an internship or apply for a post-doc position.

Contact our Services, Consultancy, R&D department for customized consultancy services in all our fields of expertise.

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