The SCK CEN Academy is based on the site of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK CEN in Mol, Belgium. The regions of the municipality of Mol and the adjacent municipality of Dessel have a historical concentration of nuclear activities dating back over more than half a century, hosting research, nuclear fuel fabrication and waste treatment and storage.

The lectures take place in the Lakehouse of the SCK CEN, located near the lagoon and right next to the site of the nuclear research centre itself. Course participants who prefer to stay overnight can make use of the hotel hosted in the same building.

The Lakehouse is part of a coherent architectonic entity that includes also the technical buildings, social service buildings and the residential quarter with its houses, studio flats and apartments of the SCK CEN. This complex dates back to 1953 and is a typical and officially recognised representative of the late modernist style.

Within the course programmes, lectures, technical visits enable trainees to enrich and illustrate their acquired knowledge with the practice of real-life situations. SCK CEN facilities that can be visited include: three operating research reactors (BR1, BR2 and VENUS), one research reactor in dismantling phase (BR3), hot cells, the HADES underground laboratory for waste disposal research, the decontamination wing of the medical services, the laboratories for antropogammametry (a means of assessing radioactive internal contamination) and low-level alpha, beta and gamma measurements, the laboratories of the radiation biology, -ecology and microbiology groups, the dosimetry and nuclear calibrations laboratory, and more. For some of the installations, permission to enter requires passport or ID registration several weeks prior to the visit.

On request, the course lectures can also be organised in the SCK CEN offices in Brussels, or at the venue of the customer, eventually completed with technical visits to laboratories and installations on the technical domain of SCK CEN in Mol.