Organisation of courses

Academic courses

The SCK CEN Academy collaborates with several Belgian and foreign universities and contributes to academic learning. Examples are the BNEN master-after-master specialisation in nuclear engineering and the Radiation Protection Expert course. These courses are aimed at students and professionals who want to gain expert knowledge in a specific nuclear domain. Other academic courses and collaborations are listed in the section "Academic courses".

Customised training courses for professionals

In addition to academic learning, the SCK CEN Academy also provides customised training courses aiming at improving the knowledge, skills and attitudes of nuclear workers from industry, the medical sector, research organisations, and governmental institutions dealing with applications of radioactivity.

Our courses are modular, and tailored to the needs of the trainees in terms of content, duration, level, language (Dutch, French or English), venue, etc.

The topics treated are all those topics that are subject to SCK CEN's R&D programme, for example radiation protection, reactor technology, nuclear materials issues, nuclear safety and safety culture, emergency management, decomissioning and decontamination, waste and disposal, radiation biology, -ecology, microbiology, ethical aspects and nuclear technology assessment etc.