Heavy metal summer school 2019

June 17 - 21, 2019   Mol (BELGIUM)

ENEN PLUS mobility grants

The Heavy Metal Summer School has obtained funding from the ENEN PLUS project (in the form of mobility grants) covering (partially) travel costs, accommodation costs and access fee for the HMSS. 15 mobility grants were granted by the ENEN PLUS Management Committee.
More information on the ENEN PLUS project:

Each participant eligible for this support obtains a mobility grant of 2000 EUR whereof 700 EUR for accommodation cost, 500 EUR for cross-border travel cost and 800 EUR for access fee.

The terms for ENEN PLUS support are the following:

  1. According to the ENEN PLUS Mobility Rules eligible applicants are persons performing a transnational mobility action;
  2. Suitability of background education;
  3. Suitability of summer school contents for university course portfolio of a student or skills portfolio of a young professional;
  4. Complete registration (online + additional requested documents) before May 18, 2019;
  5. Command of the English language;
  6. Full-time participant.

More information on the selection and registration procedures as well as on the obligations for selected participants can be found in the HMSS- ENEN PLUS Mobility Fund Procedures (.pdf).