Heavy metal summer school 2016

June 13 - 17, 2016   Mol (BELGIUM)

To set the frame, the history of HLM-based nuclear systems and the design of the most developed HLM facilities will be introduced.

In a module on chemistry you will be introduced to the various sources of impurities in HLM and to methods for their purification, to oxygen monitoring and control systems, and to the chemistry of radioactive impurities.

In the module on materials you will learn to select materials for structural and functional components of reactors and get acquainted with irradiation damage processes and with liquid metal induced corrosion and its mitigation strategies. 

The thermal hydraulics module will start from the fundamentals of heat transfer in liquid metals to provide insight in the thermal hydraulic phenomena occurring in the fuel assembly and primary system. Experimental and numerical tools for the system safety analysis will also be covered.

In the instrumentation module you will get an overview of measurement techniques that can be used in liquid metals and focus in more detail on ultrasonic measurements.