Introduction to Yantra | a lattice Boltzmann based framework for pore-scale modeling

November 14 - 15, 2017   Mol (BELGIUM)

Yantra is a newly developed tool for pore-scale modelling of physico-chemical processes based on the lattice Boltzmann (LB) method. Pore-scale models can be developed using Yantra which can act as virtual probes to understand the effect of heterogeneities in porous media (pore geometry and connectivity, solid phase distribution and surface heterogeneity) on fluid flow, multiphase flow, transport of solutes and chemical interactions of solutes with solid phases resulting in alterations of the pore structure and physical properties. Furthermore, these models form the basis of upscaling by providing the necessary information from the pore-scale, which affects the continuum scale behaviour.

The goal of this two day course is to provide an introduction to the LB method in the context of modelling physico-chemical processes in porous media at the pore-scale along with hands-on training.

Lectures are given in English by Dr. Ravi Patel (SCK•CEN). He holds a PhD in civil engineering from Ghent University, in collaboration with TUDelft. During his PhD research period performed at SCK•CEN, he developed Yantra and applied it for simulating degradation mechanisms of cement-based materials. Meanwhile, Dr. Patel has 5 years of experience on working with lattice Boltzmann methods. He (co)authored several scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journals and he actively participated in various national and international conferences.