Introduction to Yantra | a lattice Boltzmann based framework for pore-scale modeling

November 14 - 15, 2017   Mol (BELGIUM)

Some of the unique features of Yantra are:

  • An easy-to-use programming interface in Python. Yantra utilizes a layered structure design, which allows users to quickly create new models using a three-step approach in Python: generate geometry, define physics and visualize
  • An optimized parallel implementation of lattice Boltzmann kernels
  • Special implementations for multilevel porous media containing resolved pores, unresolved continuum phase and solid phases
  • Coupling of lattice Boltzmann transport solver with widely used geochemical reaction solver IPhreeqc for simulating precipitation/dissolution, cation exchange and surface complexation processes involving complex mixed kinetic/equilibrium reaction networks
  • An interface with Python allowing users to couple their own reaction models with the LB transport solvers

Yantra is free-of-charge for any use.