Nuclear Safety & Security Specialised Course - Pisa University

March 1 - 23, 2012   Mol (BELGIUM)

The Education and Training activity covers the following disciplines:

  • Legislative and regulatory framework, international instruments, licensing requirements, safety principles, criteria and requirements for siting, design, construction and operation of NPP, safeguards and physical protection, radiation safety, emergency preparedness and response, quality assurance, research on safety, operating experience, radioactive waste  (RW) management, transports of radioactive materials (RM) and nuclear liability.
  • The formation activity is designed to have a duration of one academic year (12 months), for 60 ECTS, distributed in a total of 12 disciplines, with intermediate verifications and a final examination.
  •  Didactic activities are complemented by seminars given by experts ofnational and international research centres, industries and nuclear regulatory bodies.
  • A tour of one week, to visit European nuclear power plants, facilities of nuclear fuel cycle and RW, is foreseen for the participants.
  • Attendance to lessons, seminars, exercitations and laboratory activities is mandatory for at least 80% of total hours of the didactic activities.
  • The didactic activities correspond to a total of 46 ECTS(including seminars and visit to nuclear installations).
  • They are complemented by a training period at national and international institutions of 420 hours duration, for acquiring 12 ECTS.
  • The work done in this training period(thesis) will be presented at the final examination (2 ECTS). Each student can request to the Master Director the approval of the qualifications acquired before the  Course admission (as previous ECTS)supplying adequate certification of them.