Radiation safety management for radiographers and radiological technologists

November 7 - 18, 2011   Brussel (BELGIUM)

Diagnostic radiology is a powerful tool in modern medicine. Its influence is expected to increase in the years to come in Western as well as in Southern countries. However, ionising radiation has some harmful effects on biological systems. The exposure of patients, staff and public should therefore be attentively controlled.
This training aims at (head-) radiographers of radiology departments of large hospitals that are responsible for radiation protection, or radiographers that have a responsibility in radiation protection at a national level.
The training recalls briefly the basic principles of radiation protection, but the main focus of the training is aimed at the implementation of a radiation protection program in the daily organisation of a department of diagnostic radiography.
The training program is very practical oriented and starts from the work situation of the participants. Practical training will be provided in the skills-lab environment of the HUBrussel department of medical imaging. Part of the training will be located at the The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK-CEN).
Participants will return to their home country with essential documentation and contact information of Belgian or European colleagues to start up local initiatives