Space summer school

June 24 - July 5, 2019   Mol (BELGIUM)

Upon completion of this space summer school, participants will have theoretical and applied knowledge on the health and environmental impact associated with (future) human space exploration.

After completion of the course, learners will be able to:

Related to space health effects:

  • Identify and understand the impact of space stressors that have an impact on human physiology in space;
  • Describe the different space analogs on earth to study space health effects and understand the specific characteristics and advantages of these analogs;
  • Describe how medicine and pharmacology are applied in space.

Related to life support and habitation

  • Know the methods to monitor microbial contamination during space missions and perform a practical exercise on this topic;
  • List and describe the different Life Support Systems currently used in space, and explain their characteristics;
  • Define the control and use of microbes to support human life in space and earth;
  • Discuss how Life Support Systems can be based on plants.

Related to space radiation & radiation protection

  • Interpret the different units in radiation dosimetry;
  • Classify the different space radiation types;
  • Illustrate the radiation detection and shielding principles in space;
  • Explain the biological effects of ionizing radiation, and give examples of the different space radiation resistance mechanisms;
  • Understand and interpret the concepts of radiation protection.

Related to instrumentation, hardware and nuclear energy in space

  • Define the hardware and instrumentation issues in space;
  • Describe and discuss  the use of nuclear energy in space applications.