Radiation Protection Expert

This post-graduate course (20 ECTS) meets the requirements set in the Royal Decree of July 20, 2001 regarding the training for Radiation Protection Experts (Art. 73.2), and is therefore targeted towards those who need to be formally recognised as RPE, as well as to all professionals working in nuclear, radiology or the medical sector. The course focuses on the scientific and technological basis of radiological and nuclear techniques, with specific attention to radiation protection.

The Radiation Protection Expert is currently defined in the European legislation on radiation protection (Council Directive 2013/59/EURATOM) as: an individual, or if provided for in the national legislation, a group of individuals having the knowledge, training and experience needed to give radiation protection advice in order to ensure effective protection of individuals, whose competence in this respect is recognized by the competent authorities. More information about the Radiation Protection Expert is available in article 34 (Consultations with a radiation protection expert) and 82 (Radiation protection expert) of these regulations.

This course is organised in Dutch by the SCK CEN Academy and UHasselt on Fridays, with the location alternating between Diepenbeek and Mol. An equivalent French course is run by ISIB and IRE.

For more information, please visit the section RPE (only in Dutch) or contact Michèle Coeck.