Customised training courses for professionals

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The SCK CEN Academy provides tailored and modular training courses for workers from nuclear industry, the medical sector, non-nuclear industry, research and governmental institutions who are directly or indirectly faced with applications of radioactivity in their professional environment.

Within the course programmes, lectures and practical sessions can be complemented with visits to several nuclear laboratories and research reactors. These technical visits enable trainees to enrich and illustrate their acquired knowledge with the practice of real-life situations. 

SCK CEN facilities that can be visited include: three operating research reactors (BR1, BR2 and VENUS), one research reactor in dismantling phase (BR3), hot cells, the HADES underground laboratory for waste disposal research, the decontamination wing of the medical services, the laboratories for antropogammametry (a means of assessing radioactive internal contamination) and low-level alpha, beta and gamma measurements, the laboratories of the radiation biology, -ecology and microbiology groups, the dosimetry and nuclear calibrations laboratory, and more.

All courses are tailored to the needs of the trainees. Programme, duration, level, language (Dutch, French or English), venue, etc. are defined in agreement with the customer. The course can consist of theoretical classes and practical exercises, complemented with a technical visit to one or more of SCK CEN's installations. When requested, the courses can also be given at the premises of the customer.

A minimum of 7 participants is required in order to organise a specific customised training course. To answer individual requests, the Academy also organises so-called "open courses", for which the programme is fixed in advance, and individual registration is possible. A complete list of open courses can be found in the section "Calendar".

Request a course

Please contact Michèle Coeck (tel. + 32 14 33 88 50) for more information regarding a customised training course for your company.