Basic training in radiation protection

November 15 - 19, 2021   Mol (BELGIUM)

Occupational, public and environmental radiation protection is a major challenge in the industrial applications of ionizing radiation. The use of devices emitting ionizing radiation and the handling of radioactive substances are not without risk, and radiation protection measures need to be applied to avoid, minimize and manage the potential detrimental effects following an exposure to ionizing radiation.

This 5-day training course offers an insight into various subjects involved in radiation protection, such as nuclear and radiation physics, radiobiology, detection and dosimetry. Next to the legal and scientific international radiation protection frameworks, the management of natural and artificial radiation sources in industry and healthcare are discussed, including aspects related to waste and disposal, and emergency preparedness.

Theoretical classes are complemented by practical exercises on the use of radiation measurement devices and the correct application of personal protective equipment. A technical visit to several SCK CEN's laboratories enrich and illustrate the acquired knowledge with the practice of real-life situations and demonstrate the translation to a practical ALARA approach.

As working with nuclear technology requires not only technical knowledge but also an insight into societal issues, a module is provided in which critical reflection and discussion about the philosophical and ethical dimensions of justifying and using nuclear technology are addressed.