ELINDER specialized training course | Decommissioning licensing and environmental impact assessment

October 21 - 24, 2019   Mol (BELGIUM)

Activities related to the decommissioning of nuclear installations differ significantly from those performed during the operational period. The various actors (managers, technicians, health physicists, regulatory bodies, etc.) are faced with specific issues such as changing environments, numerous “one shot” operations, the production of huge amounts of waste, discrepancies between original design and the final layout of the facility, etc. The regulatory requirements and associated licensing procedure demand a good preparation for the dismantling strategy, safety assessment, risk management and environmental impact assessment. With the many questions emerging when a decommissioning project has to be set up, stakeholder involvement is of utmost importance.

The main objective of this training course is to provide the participants with the basic requirements regarding the decommissioning licensing and environmental impact assessment of a decommissioning project and to share experience from ongoing projects.

This course frames within the European ELINDER project (European Learning Initiatives for Nuclear decommissioning and Environmental Remediation).