EURAD School for Radioactive Waste Management (GAS & HITEC WPs) - Multiphysical couplings in geomechanics: a focus on thermal effect and gas transfer impact on the behaviour of geomaterials

January 22 - 24, 2020   Liège (BELGIUM)

The HITEC EURAD WP deals with thermal impact and the GAS EURAD WP concerns gas transfer, both in the context of underground nuclear waste disposals. This course will allow the attendees to improve their understanding of heat transfers, water and gas migration, stress and strain evolution in a repository. Both numerical and experimental investigations at small (lab) and large (in situ) scale will be addressed. These investigaitons involve geomaterials such as the host rock, either clayey or crystalline rock, but also bentonite which is typically used in engineered barriers for its sealing capacity. 

The provided lecture notes will be based on key references in this field. A selection of this material will be made available prior to the beginning of the course.