Radiation protection for fluoroscopically guided interventions | CPD in radiation protection for medical exposure

October 4, 2016   Mol (BELGIUM)

Ionising radiation offers various applications in the medical sector for diagnosis and treatment. However, the large use of x-ray medical imaging accounts now for half of the  yearly collective dose to the Belgian population. Next to the patient, also the medical professionals operating the x-ray devices receive an amount of radiation dose which could lead to detrimental effects.

Working with ionising radiation requires adequate understanding of relevant radiation protection issues in order to optimise the dose for the best clinical care and to prevent and reduce the dose related risks for the patient and the exposed worker.

This training session is part of a series of sessions organised in the framework of the continuous professional development  in radiation protection for medical exposure. The aim is to discuss the most recent status of relevant subjects in radiation protection for professionals responsible for the patient exposure to ionising radiation.