SCK•CEN Academy short course on underlying R&D for the disposal of radioactive waste

March 19 - 20, 2014   Mol (BELGIUM)

Getting a better understanding of some basic issues in the management of the back-end of the fuel cycle:

  • The methodology and main results of the assessment of the long-term safety of a candidate surface disposal site in Belgium. This is a key element in order to obtain a license for a surface disposal site. This is complemented with a visit to the experimental site of the surface disposal project (site of Mol-Dessel);
  • The selection and characterization of a geological disposal site – the criteria how to identify potential sites and how to characterize them (mineralogy, long-term stability, etc);
  • The radionuclide geochemistry and its effect on radionuclide migration: this knowledge is fundamental in order to understand the behavior of the radionuclides immobilized in the waste package once they are released in the disposal environment.