MIND Advanced training course | Geomicrobiology in radioactive waste disposal

October 8 - 11, 2018   Mol (BELGIUM)

This advanced training course was developed with the scientific knowledge gathered during the MIND project. MIND (Microbiology In Nuclear waste Disposal) is a unique multidisciplinary project which brings together a broad range of leading research institutions and stakeholders in the field of radioactive waste disposal to address the Euratom 2014-2015 Work Programme topic NFRP 6 – 2014: Supporting the implementation of the first-of-the-kind geological repositories.

The objective of this advanced training course is to provide state-of-the-art knowledge and insight into the geomicrobiology phenomena related to the geological disposal of radioactive waste. The focus will be on performance assessment of the geological disposal environment and the engineered barrier systems for high-level and long-lived intermediate level waste using the knowledge of geomicrobiology processes.

Several case studies from different European Member States will be highlighted. Lectures on advanced analyzing techniques will complemented by technical visits to the SCK•CEN research laboratories in microbiology and the underground laboratory for waste disposal research.

Geological disposal of radioactive waste represents a challenge where social and technical aspects blend with regard to the design, implementation and post-construction management of the installation. For this reason, a dedicated panel discussion will be focusing on the impact of the inclusion of microbiology on expert conceptualisation and public perception of geological disposal