MIND Advanced training course | Geomicrobiology in radioactive waste disposal

October 8 - 11, 2018   Mol (BELGIUM)

The following topics will be treated:

  • Introduction to the MIND project
  • Geomicrobiology in radioactive waste disposal
  • Microbiological interactions with organic components in low- and intermediate level long-lived waste
  • Bentonite, cement and metals in high-level waste
  • Microbial activity in the engineered barrier
  • Modelling tools & bioinformatics
  • Impact assessment
  • Remaining issues in geomicrobiology and how to deal with them
  • Case studies of in situ experiments: outcomes and lessons learned
  • Panel discussion: The impact of the inclusion of microbiology on expert conceptualization and public perception of geological disposal of radioactive waste
  • Visit to the underground laboratory HADES