Training course on preparedness and response for nuclear and radiological emergencies

October 1 - 5, 2012   Mol (BELGIUM)

Off-site nuclear emergency management has seen major advances in recent years. This notably includes development of improved guidance on the protection of populations in the case of a nuclear accident or radiological emergency, enhanced decision support tools, information and data exchange and stakeholder participation.

The aftermath of the nuclear accident in Japan following the tragic earthquake and tsunami has emphasized again the need to thoroughly prepare all aspects of nuclear emergency planning.

The course will address the state of the art in nuclear and radiological emergency management including the latest international recommendations, the lessons learned from the Fukushima accident and highlight the challenges we still face.

SCK•CEN has a long tradition in organising the course on "Preparedness and Response for nuclear and radiological emergencies" several times in Mol (Belgium) and abroad. This course has been always very positively appreciated and the feedback received during the years allowed to continuously improve its content and format.

The current edition of the course is set up in collaboration with the main European actors and in the framework of the European platform NERIS on emergency and post-accident preparedness and response (