Training course on radioactive waste management

March 16 - 24, 2020   Mol (BELGIUM)

The following topics will be treated:

First week:

  • Origin, types of radioactive waste
  • National and international regulations
  • Safety principles and strategies
  • Collection and handling of unconditioned waste
  • Waste conditioning techniques
  • Waste classification and characterisation
  • Interim storage of waste
  • Visits are foreseen to different facilities at:
     - SCK CEN: dealing with collection, characterisation and storage of unconditioned waste;
     - Belgoprocess: dealing with waste conditioning, characterisation and long-term/ interim storage.

Second week (Monday-Tuesday):

  • Waste transport
  • Management of used sources
  • Waste acceptance criteria and accreditation process in Belgium
  • Interfaces between the Belgian nuclear operator and the waste management organisation
  • Case studies: waste management during decommissioning
  • Case studies: management of problematic waste forms