Training courses in nuclear materials science

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The understanding of a material’s response to radiation conditions is essential in the safe operation of current nuclear installations and the development of future nuclear systems. Our training courses in nuclear materials science provide an insight in the different aspects of physical and chemical evolution of materials under irradiation.

Participants gain knowledge on the materials used in today’s and tomorrow’s reactors, the interaction of radiation with these materials and their general evolution with use in reactors, the nuclear fuel cycle (production, in-pile use and back-end), selection criteria for new and advanced materials. In addition, trainees enhance their skills in examinations of highly active materials in hot cells, microstructural examinations, mechanical testing orrosion experiments.

Since its foundation in 1952, SCK CEN has built up an extensive experience in nuclear materials, fuel research and radiochemistry. Research installations that are at the disposal of students and trainees are the BR2 reactor, the laboratory for high and medium activity with its hot cells and the chemical laboratories. 


Download the leaflet on our training courses in nuclear materials science (pdf).


Target audience

Training courses in nuclear materials sciences are relevant for engineering students, as well as for professionals dealing with this topic in their daily practices. Nuclear scientists and engineers involved in fuel cycle matters and surveillance programs as well as hot lab operators and managers profit from the knowledge, skills and work attitude that are explained during our courses.


Available modules

Basic modules

  • Structural materials - interaction of ionising radiation with materials
  • Pressure vessel materials
  • Nuclear fuels - introduction
  • Other structural materials

Specialised modules 

The nuclear fuel cycle and applied radiochemistry

  • Introduction to fuel design principles, fabrication and qualification
  • Oxide fuel properties and in-reactor behavior (LWR)
  • Fuel cladding properties and in-reactor behavior (LWR)
  • Non-standard fuels and claddings (RR fuels, ATF, FR fuels, …)
  • Radiochemical analysis of spent nuclear fuel  

Structural materials in a nuclear reactor

  • Pressure vessel steel - neutron induced ageing in a regulatory context
  • Fracture mechanics for advanced surveillance programs
  • Reactor internals (stainless steel) 
  • Corrosion issues in nuclear reactors (IASCC, Ni alloys, …)
  • Structural materials in advanced reactors and fusion machines (LBE, high dpa, …)
  • Nanostructural modeling of defect processes in materials under irradiation

Practical exercises

  • Glove box training
  • Mechanical testing



Courses are given by top-level SCK CEN scientists and engineers with solid expertise in their research domain. Furthermore, they have followed learning facilitator training sessions and can thus transfer their theoretical knowledge and practical experience to the course participants efficiently and effectively. 


Upcoming training courses

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