Training courses in radiation protection

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Since the early discoveries by Marie Curie, Becquerel, Röntgen and many others, a deep insight into the risk and benefits of applying radioactivity in daily research and commercial practice has been build up. 

The scientific world of radiological protection is in constant motion, triggered by new research as well as by developments and events in the industrial and medical sector. In addition, national and international standards, regulations and guidelines are intended to direct daily practice and procedures that guarantee the protection of workers, patients, the public and the environment.

The SCK•CEN Academy offers several training modules in topics that are essential parts of radiation protection science and applications.

Theoretical classes are complemented by hands-on exercises and technical visits to several SCK•CEN laboratories.

Professionals can even bring their own measuring equipment to improve their skills.

Download the leaflet on our training courses in radiation protection (pdf).


Target audience

Our courses offer insight in both theory and practice to all students and professionals working in the nuclear industry, healthcare, governmental and research organisations who deal with or involved in the protection of radiation workers, generic protection of the public and environment, or protection of an individual patient.

Available modules

Background modules

  • Basic principles of nuclear physics
  • Interaction of radiation with matter
  • Radiation and dose measurements (personal and environmental dosimetry)
  • Biological effects of ionising radiation
  • Alpha, beta and gamma spectrometry
  • Standards and legislation
  • ALARA and safety culture
  • Good practice when working with open radioactive sources
  • X-ray technology

Advanced modules

  • Transport of radioactive materials
  • Radon and elevated natural radioactivity
  • Ethical aspects of the radiological risk
  • Management of radioactive waste
  • Internal dosimetry assessment from bioassay measurements
  • Quality assurance in nuclear safety
  • Decommissioning and dismantling techniques
  • Organisation of radiation protection on the workfloor
  • Organisation of emergency planning
  • Misuse of radioactive materials: prevention and response (safeguards)
  • Radiochemistry

Practical modules

  • Good safety practice in controlled areas
  • Using measuring equipment
  • Using collective and personal protective equipment


Technical visits

  • Dosimetry and nuclear calibration laboratories 
  • Anthropogammametry laboratory
  • Alpha, beta and gamma spectroscopy laboratory
  • Radioactive decontamination wing of the medical services
  • Emergency planning & follow-up
  • Research reactors (controlled areas) BR1, BR2 and BR3 (in decommissioning)
  • Radio- and microbiology laboratories
  • Radioecology laboratories
  • Hot cells in the Laboratory for High and Medium Activity 



Courses are given by top-level SCK•CEN scientists and engineers with solid expertise in their research domain. Furthermore, they have followed learning facilitator training sessions and can thus transfer their theoretical knowledge and practical experience to the course participants efficiently and effectively. 



Governmental - FANC/AFCN, BelV, NIRAS/ONDRAF, Ministries of Defence and Internal Affairs
Industry - ENGIE, Belgoprocess, Belgonucleaire, ECS, Transnubel, Applus RTD
Medical - Philips Medical Systems, GE Healthcare, Toshiba Medical Systems, Siemens Healthineers, Bard, BeMedTech
International - EuropeAid, IAEA
Universities - Belgian RPE course, several collaborators have a professorship at a university


Upcoming training courses

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