The SCK•CEN Academy developed and provided customised training courses for, e.g.

  • Electrabel, Kerncentrale Doel
  • European Commission (EuropeAid and DG ENERGY)
  • EPZ
  • IAEA
  • Belgoprocess
  • Belgonucleaire
  • Belgian fire brigades and civil protection
  • Galapagos
  • General Electric Healthcare
  • Philips Medical Systems
  • Toshiba Medical Systems

Individual registrations were already received from, e.g.

AV Controlatom, Bayer, Belgonucleaire, Belgoprocess, Bel V/AVN, Canberra, ECS, Electrabel, European Commission, FBFC, AFCN/FANC, GZA St.Augustinus, Ghent Dredging, IBA, IBt, IDEWE, IRE, JRC-IRMM, ISI, ISIB, ISP, IVBO, Johnson&Johnson, KULeuven, ONDRAF/NIRAS, Nordion, NRS electronics, RTD-Nederland, SGS, Solvay, Sterigenics, STOLA-Dessel, Techni-Test, Tecnubel, Tractebel, Transnubel, Transrad, UGent, UHasselt, VAT, UZBrussel, UZGent, Westinghouse, …