6th EUTERP Workshop | Legislative change in Europe: the implications for training in radiation protection - Rising to the challenge

September 30 - October 2, 2015   Athens (GREECE)


This workshop will focus on those changes in the BSS that have implications for education and training in radiation protection and the provision of information to workers and members of the public.

Sessions will cover the training issues associated with:
Occupational exposure

  •  Radiation workers
  •  RPE/RPO
  •  Air crew

Emergency arrangements

  • Emergency responders
  • Cross border arrangements

Public exposure

  • Radon
  • Non-medical imaging

Communicating radiation risks

In addition, the workshop will report on the progress made in the ENETRAP III project.

Working groups

Working groups will consider the following topics:

  • How to promote and improve stakeholder contributions to training in RP? How to increase awareness and visibility of existing training activities?
  • Communication and risk perception.
  • What is the value of a Train-the-Trainers approach? In what areas could this be usefully implemented?