End User Group meeting (EUG) | CHANCE

March 20, 2019   Mechelen (BELGIUM)

Visit to Belgoprocess | March 22, 2019

Belgoprocess is the nuclear operator responsible for treating and storing the historical and current Belgian nuclear waste from numerous producers into a stable end product at its site in Dessel. The company has experience processing almost every type of low-, medium- and high-level radioactive waste at its sites, thereby covering a large segment of the back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle. Such processes lead inevitably to the generation of a number of different waste streams. Each of these streams is uniquely defined by its radiological and physicochemical characteristics. In order to select appropriate processing and conditioning techniques and disposal options, it is essential to characterize, sample and measure each of these waste streams in an economical manner while meeting all safety, operational and regulatory requirements.

During the technical tour, participants will visit the following installations:

  • CILVA-installation for overall treatment and conditioning of low-level waste, consisting of the modules
    • low-level waste incinerator
    • supercompactor
    • cementation unit
    • cutting and repackaging unit (inl. visual inspections, sampling, …)
  • AQ²-installation (NDA segmented gammaspectrometry) for characterization of low-level waste (and free release)

This visit is FULLY BOOKED.

Date: March 22, 2019
Departure by bus in Mechelen to Dessel: 8.15 h
Start technical visit Belgoprocess: 10.00 h
End technical visit belgoprocess: 12.45 h
Sandwich lunch @ the SCK•CEN Lakehouse in Mol: 13.00 h
Departure by bus to Brussels South/airport: 14.00 h
Arrival in Brussels: ± 16.00 h