Nuclear Careers Day

February 18, 2019   Brussel

The presentations and the job fair is open to the public and no formal registration is needed.

To participate to the visits below, online registration is mandatory (registrations are closed).


  • the KULeuven university hospital (Leuven);
  • the MYRRHA project preparations at UCL (Louvain-la-Neuve);
  • Laborelec, the ENGIE research centre (Linkebeek-Brussels).

Please note that the event could be recorded and pictures can be taken.  In principle only general pictures and images will be taken.  If you ask a question or give a comment, also your voice will be recorded. The SCK•CEN may share these records on its website or via its network for educational and promotion purposes. Your registration for this event constitutes an explicit consent with regard to this processing of your personal data.