Topical Day | Bridging experiments and continuum scale modelling of physical-chemical processes at the pore scale

November 16, 2017   Mol (BELGIUM)

The Topical Day focuses on coupled physical (flow of water, multiphase flow, transport of solutes) – chemical (aqueous speciation – heterogeneous chemical reactions such as sorption and precipitation/dissolution – kinetics) processes with the aim to address the following three aspects:

  • What is the role of pore-scale models in interpretation of experiments? As experiments are designed more and more towards processes at small scale, it is challenging to validate a pore-scale model and to underpin our understanding and interpretation of processes by a pore-scale model.
  • What are the efficient numerical approaches to simulate reactive transport processes at the pore-scale?
  • How to extract and use information of pore-scale models into continuum-scale models? An important aspect in the application of pore-scale models is the upscaling strategy in order to use pore-scale model results into continuum scale models, which are typically used to simulate long-time and/or large scale system behaviour.