Topical Day | Cementitious materials in nuclear applications: a glimpse on coupled degradation processes affecting long-term durability

September 27, 2018   Mol (BELGIUM)

The Topical Day focuses on long-term degradation processes of ordinary Portland based cementitious materials as well as alternative (cementitious) systems, with the aim to address challenges in understanding different degradation processes and assessing the long-term durability. During the Topical Day, the following topics will be treated:

  • Physicochemical degradation of these materials by irradiation, temperature, high concentrated solutions, natural environments and carbon dioxide leading to leaching, carbonation, sulphate attack and variable-saturated conditions including coupled degradation of any of these processes;
  • Combined experimental and modelling studies to evaluate degradation processes including characterization of the evolution in microstructure, geochemical properties and effective properties.