September 22, 2020: PhD public defense - Mahmoud Abdelraham - Personal dosimetry of workers without a physical dosemeter using computational methods - ULiège
September 2, 2020: PhD public defense - Yana Dekempeneer - Targeted Alpha Therapy with single-domain antibody fragments, a novel cancer treatment - VUB
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February 7, 2020: PhD public defense – Lander Frederickx – An advanced mineralogical study of the clay mineral fractions of the Boom Clay - KULeuven
February 3, 2020: PhD public defense - André Claude Mfossa - Mechanistic analysis of radiation-induced microcephaly in the mouse - KULeuven
Award best master thesis 2018-2019 - and the winners are...
November 18, 2019: PhD public defense - Ali Md Muntasir - Novel metal resistance mechanisms of Cupriavidus metallidurans - VUB
October 3, 2019: PhD public defense - Aleksandr Zinovev - Crystal plasticity modelling of thermomechanical fatigue in ITER relevant tungsten - UCL
September 30, 2019: PhD public defense - Raghda Ramadan - The role of connexin-mediated intercellular communication in radiation-induced atherosclerosis - UGent
September 26, 2019: PhD public defense - Jackline Mwihaki Kariuki - Understanding the biological responses to ionizing radiation in plants after exposure and recovery: molecular profiling of Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa - UHasselt
September 19, 2019: PhD public defense - Kristof Gladinez - Formation, Transport and Deposition of Lead Oxide in Lead-Bismuth Cooled Nuclear Systems - UGent
September 18, 2019: PhD public defense - Niels Belmans - Biological effects of ionizing radiation in medical imaging: a prospective study in children and adults following dental cone-beam computed tomography - UHasselt
September 4, 2019: PhD public defense - Niels Cautaers - Nanoscale study of ageing and irradiation induced precipitates in the DIN 1.4970 alloy - UAntwerpen
SCK•CEN Academy launches Nuclear Role-Play Contest
August 27, 2019: PhD public defense - Michiel Van de Voorde - Supported ionic liquid phases for the extraction and separation of medical radiolanthanides - Towards purification of medical samarium-153 - KULeuven
August 27, 2019: PhD public defense - Iaroslav Meleshenkovskii - Medium Resolution Gamma-rays Spectroscopy for Safeguards Applications - ULB
SCK•CEN organizes a visit for the Flemish Physics Olympiad finalists
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The SCK•CEN Academy is looking for a new colleague
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