October 3, 2019: PhD public defense - Aleksandr Zinovev - Finite element modelling of mechanical properties of Tungsten under neutron irradiation - UCL
September 18, 2019: PhD public defense - Niels Belmans - Biological effects of ionizing radiation in medical imaging: a prospective study in children and adults following dental cone-beam computed tomography - UHasselt
September 4, 2019: PhD public defense - Niels Cautaers - Nanoscale study of ageing and irradiation induced precipitates in the DIN 1.4970 alloy - UAntwerpen
August 27, 2019: PhD public defense - Michiel Van de Voorde - Supported ionic liquid phases for the extraction and separation of medical radiolanthanides - Towards purification of medical samarium-153 - KULeuven
August 27, 2019: PhD public defense - Iaroslav Meleshenkovskii - Medium Resolution Gamma-rays Spectroscopy for Safeguards Applications - ULB
SCK•CEN organizes a visit for the Flemish Physics Olympiad finalists
Register now for the SCK•CEN Heavy Metal Summer School - 15 free places available thanks to ENEN+ grants!!
The SCK•CEN Academy is looking for a new colleague
SCK•CEN Chair “Roger Van Geen” 2019
February 22, 2019: PhD public defense - Katrien Konings - Impact of different radiation qualities on molecular and functional changes in cancer cells: role of Hedgehog signaling? - KULeuven
December 18, 2018: PhD public defense - Kai Craenen - Developmental and behavioral defects following irradiation during neurulation, and prevention with folic acid - KULeuven
Considering a career in nuclear? Yes-I-Do!
November 12, 2018: PhD public defense - Céline Moortgat - The SoLid antineutrino detector: construction and commissioning with cosmic ray muons - UGent
October 15, 2018: PhD public defense - Ruben Props - Microbial population and community dynamics in natural and managed freshwater systems: from methodology development to mechanistic insights - UGent
November 8, 2018: PhD public defense - Pieter De Meutter - Uncertainty quantification in long-range Lagrangian atmospheric transport and dispersion modelling - UGent
September 13, 2018: PhD public defense - Alessio Parisi - Space and hadron therapy dosimetry with luminescent detectors: microdosimetric modeling and experimental measurements - UMons
July 2, 2018: PhD public defense - Elke Jacops - Development and application of an innovative method for studying the diffusion of dissolved gases in porous saturated media - KULeuven
July 2, 2018: PhD public defense - Antonio Toti - Development and validation of a computational approach to simulate 3D phenomena occurring in the MYRRHA reactor during Loss of Flow transients - UGent
New training courses for Radiation Protection Officers
June 11, 2018: PhD public defense - Andrii Dubinko - Plastic Deformation of Tungsten under Fusion-Plasma Exposure Conditions - UGent
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