December 18, 2018: PhD public defence - Kai Craenen - Developmental and behavioral defects following irradiation during neurulation, and prevention with folic acid - KULeuven
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November 12, 2018: PhD public defence - Céline Moortgat - The SoLid antineutrino detector: construction and commissioning with cosmic ray muons - UGent
October 15, 2018: PhD public defence - Ruben Props - Microbial population and community dynamics in natural and managed freshwater systems: from methodology development to mechanistic insights - UGent
November 8, 2018: PhD public defence - Pieter De Meutter - Uncertainty quantification in long-range Lagrangian atmospheric transport and dispersion modelling - UGent
September 13, 2018: PhD public defence - Alessio Parisi - Space and hadron therapy dosimetry with luminescent detectors: microdosimetric modeling and experimental measurements - UMons
July 2, 2018: PhD public defence - Elke Jacops - Development and application of an innovative method for studying the diffusion of dissolved gases in porous saturated media - KULeuven
July 2, 2018: PhD public defence - Antonio Toti - Development and validation of a computational approach to simulate 3D phenomena occurring in the MYRRHA reactor during Loss of Flow transients - UGent
New training courses for Radiation Protection Officers
June 11, 2018: PhD public defence - Andrii Dubinko - Plastic Deformation of Tungsten under Fusion-Plasma Exposure Conditions - UGent
Collège Jean XXIII wins the Nuclear Game Challenge
SCK•CEN organises a visit for finalists of Vlaamse Fysica Olympiade
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May 25, 2018: PhD public defence - Jorden van de Walle - From methylome to phenotype: a study on the effects of a multigenerational exposure to gamma radiation in Arabidopsis thaliana - UHasselt
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February 21, 2018: PhD public defence - Gabriele Manfredi - Oxygen sensors and electrochemical oxygen pumps for lead alloy cooled nuclear systems - ULB
February 19, 2018: PhD public defence - Edilaine Honorio da Silva - Development of a practical eye lens dosemeter for interventional procedures in hospitals - VUB
January 23, 2018: PhD public defence - Pasquale Lombardo - Development of the realistic anthropomorphic flexible phantom for applications in dosimetry - KULeuven
December 1, 2017: PhD public defence - Thomas Lapauw - MAX phase carbides for nuclear applications- KULeuven
SCK•CEN Chair “Roger Van Geen” awarded to Dr Christophe Poinssot
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