PhD Defense | Sunay Rodriguez Perez | A simulation framework to balance radiation induced risk against image quality in radiology | KU Leuven
PhD Defense | Valérie Van Eesbeeck | Microbial dynamics in the aquatic environments of a nuclear reactor | UCLouvain
May 12, 2021 | PhD Defense | Yaana Bruneel | Sorption of radionuclides on glauconite of the Neogene | KU Leuven
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April 1, 2021: PhD public defense – Saeid Babaei – A Multiscale Approach to Model Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Behaviour of non-reinforced Concrete - UAntwerpen
March 15, 2021: PhD public defense – Nancy Wanna – Method development for spent nuclear fuel characterization using isotope dilution HPIC-SF-ICP-MS - UGent
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Last chance to register for the "Roger Van Geen" lecture about the molecular imaging of synaptopathy by Eric Salmon
February 15, 2021: PhD public defense – Kelbij Star – Development of reduced order modeling methods for incompres-sible flows with heat transfer and parametric boundary conditions - UGent
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December 16, 2020: PhD public defense – Antoine Di Ciacca – Spatially distributed recharge and groundwater – surface water interactions in groundwater models - KULeuven
December 11, 2020: PhD public defense – Matteo Griseri – Development of carbide materials for radioactive ion beam production at high-power ISOL facilities - KULeuven
November 20, 2020: PhD public defense – Chao Yin – Assessment of mechanical properties of neutron irradiated tungsten and its alloys - UCL
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October 2, 2020: PhD public defense – Emma Coninx –The risks of early-life X-ray exposure: A view on brain aging and Alzheimer’s disease pathology - KULeuven
September 22, 2020: PhD public defense - Mahmoud Abdelraham - Personal dosimetry of workers without a physical dosemeter using computational methods - ULiège
September 18, 2020: PhD public defense – Daniele Salvato – The influence of fission products on the microstructural evolution of UMo based fuel systems – (nano)bubbles, interaction layers and recrystallization - UGent
September 3, 2020: PhD public defense - Andrew Cea - Microstructure and digestion analysis of UAl and UMn alloys for medical isotope production - UCL
September 2, 2020: PhD public defense - Noami Daems - Hybrid gold nanoparticles coated with organic polymers and antibodies as platforms for cancer theranostics - UNamur
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