Follow the lecture series by Dr. Christophe Poinssot by webinar

In the frame of the Chair Roger Van Geen, laureate Dr. Christophe Poinssot will give a series of lectures at graduate level for students and SCK•CEN researchers as well as the Belgian nuclear community in general. The series of lectures, organised in interaction with the SCK•CEN Academy, is entitled "From the fuel cycle processes to the overall assessment of sustainability".

The following lectures will be given:

Thursday February 22, 2018
13:00h - 15:00h | Lecture 1 
From U-ore discovery and mining to fuel fabrication. A low-margin market-driven industry deeply destabilized by the Fukushima crisis.

15:15h – 17:15h | Lecture 2
Pu mono to multi-recycling: the controversy around a debated technology, which is however the root of any sustainable fuel cycle.

Friday February 23, 2018
11:00h – 13:00h | Lecture 3
Ultimate waste geological repository: from concepts to projects. How to give confidence in the long-term safety? 

14:00h – 16:00h | Lecture 4
Minor actinides partitioning & transmutation. A real improvement or a scientist dream? 

Thursday March 15, 2018
13:00h - 15:00h | Lecture 5 
The basis of the LCA approach and its application to nuclear fuel cycle.

15:15h – 17:15h | Lecture 6 
How ensuring the future of nuclear energy in democratic societies? The crucial question of the acceptability. Presentation followed by a round-table debate by the SCK•CEN social scientists.

Register now to attend these lectures at the SCK•CEN Lakehouse in Mol, or via webinar on the website of the SCK•CEN Academy.