New training courses for Radiation Protection Officers

With the transposition of the 2013/59/EURATOM Directive into national legislation, professional profiles in radiation protection are defined to advise on, and implement the measures necessary to protect workers, the public and the environment against the detrimental effects of an exposure to ionising radiation. One of these professional profiles is the Radiation Protection Officer (RPO), defined to be an individual who is technically competent in radiation protection matters relevant for a given type of practice to supervise or perform the implementation of the radiation protection arrangements. This will be a designated in-house employee within the licensed undertaking.

In the upcoming months, the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC) will issue a Technical Decree regarding the educational requirements of the RPOs, where a distinguishment is made between different classes of installations and the use of devices emitting ionising radiation vs the use of open radioactive sources.

The SCK•CEN Academy has developed training modules to help the future RPOs to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and competences for their tasks and duties. These training modules cover the theoretical basic training course, and consists of 2 modules: 
- Basic principles of ionising radiation and radiation protection (one day)
- Specific topics related to devices emitting ionising radiation or the use of open radioactive sources (half day on each topic)

View our calendar for upcoming RPO training sessions in 2019.