July 2, 2018: PhD public defense - Antonio Toti - Development and validation of a computational approach to simulate 3D phenomena occurring in the MYRRHA reactor during Loss of Flow transients - UGent

Name: Antonio Toti

Date: July 2, 2018 16:00 h


onference room Jozef Plateau, ground floor
Jozef Plateaustraat 22
9000 Gent

Development and Validation of a System Thermal-Hydraulic/CFD Codes Coupling Methodology for Multi-Scale Transient Simulations of Pool-Type Reactors

The development of innovative nuclear systems such as the MYRRHA reactor bring along the need of new modelling and simulation tools. In this work, multi-scale thermal-hydraulic simulation capabilities based on coupled system and CFD codes have been investigated. The first part of the work focused on the development of the coupling method, based on domain decomposition and implicit scheme, for which advanced coupling algorithms have been implemented. The validation of the tool, based on the TALL-3D experiment, revealed higher accuracy compared to industry-standard 1D codes. In the last phase of work, coupled simulations of pool-type systems, namely the facility E-SCAPE and the MYRRHA reactor, have been carried out and confirmed the potential of the tool to support the safety assessment and licensing of advanced reactors.


  •  (UGent) Jan Vierendeels
SCK•CEN mentor:
  • Francesco Belloni

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