November 8, 2018: PhD public defence - Pieter De Meutter - Uncertainty quantification in long-range Lagrangian atmospheric transport and dispersion modelling - UGent

Name: Pieter De Meutter

Date: November 8, 2018 16:00h


Auditorium K (zaal Johannes Kepler)
UGent Volkssterrenwacht Armand Pien
Gezusters Lovelingstraat 1

9000 Gent


Uncertainty quantification in long range Lagrangian atmospheric transport and dispersion modelling

Atmospheric transport and dispersion models are an important tool for the verification of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT). If radioactive particles are detected by the monitoring network of the CTBT, atmospheric transport and dispersion models can be used to help determine their origin. This dissertation deals with long-range atmospheric transport and dispersion modelling and its uncertainty quantification, and how it can contribute to the radionuclide verification part of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. The first part of this dissertation deals with direct atmospheric transport modelling, where the sources are known. Emission data from civilian nuclear facilities that emit radioactive isotopes of xenon are used to test the capability to model the long-range transport of such xenon. The second part of the dissertation deals with inverse modelling, where the source location and the release profile are determined based on a set of observations. The ensemble approach was used to quantify the uncertainty on the possible source locations and the associated release profiles.


  •  (UGent, KMI) Piet Termonia
  • (KMI) Andy Delcloo
SCK•CEN mentor:
  • Johan Camps

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