SCK•CEN organizes a visit for the Flemish Physics Olympiad finalists

The Vlaamse Fysica Olympiade (Flemish Physics Olympiad) is organized yearly for students in the third cycle of secondary education. During three rounds, the knowledge in physics, insight and skills of the participating students have been tested. Some 2500 students took part in these Physics Olympics among which 17 laureates, who were through to the finals.

The SCK•CEN Academy invited the finalists and their physics teachers to visit the SCK•CEN site. In total, 15 finalists and 8 teachers joined the visit which took place on May 8, 2019. During the visit, the finalists examined under guidance of a SCK•CEN expert whether the air we breathe is radioactive. In a demonstration the Compton scattering in gamma spectrometry came under scrutiny. Further the visitors visited the laboratories where low-level radioactivity measurements of biological and food samples, mains water and the environment are executed. Finally, the participants were guided in the technology hall between the various experimental set-ups which are part of the research for and the implementation of the MYRRHA project. 

The visitors and SCK•CEN collaborators experienced a pleasant and enriching afternoon. We wish all finalists good luck in the Flemish Physics Olympiad and future career.  


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