Finalizing PhD Study of low Prandtl number heat transfer in the E-SCAPE liquid-metal pool facility (E.Cascioli)

SCK•CEN Mentor

Van Tichelen Katrien,, +32 (0)14 33 80 06

Expert group

LBE Components and Experiments


To support the development of turbulent heat transfer models for low-Prandtl number flow, reference data have been produced from Large-Eddy Simulations in jet configurations, within a PhD framework between SCK-CEN and TUDelft.


Finalization of 2 publications:

  • Large-Eddy Simulations of a Planar Jet with Heated Co-Flow at Medium and Low Prandtl-number Values
  • Large-Eddy Simulations of a Triple Jet  at Medium and Low Prandtl-number Values

The minimum diploma level of the candidate needs to be

Master of sciences in engineering

The candidate needs to have a background in


Estimated duration

3 months