Simulation of a "yield station" for the ISOL@MYRRHA facility

SCK•CEN Mentor

Van de Walle Jarno,, +32 (0)14

Expert group

Proton Target Research

SCK•CEN Co-mentor

Popescu Lucia , , +32 (0)14 33 34 11


At the future ISOL@MYRRHA facility at SCK CEN, short lived radioactive isotopes will be produced by proton induced fission and spallation of a stable target material. In order to assess the feasability of an experiments, the yield of the radioactive isotope (the production rate per second) is an important parameter.

A "yield station" is an experimental setup optimized to measure the production rate of a certain radioactive isotope. Such yield stations are already available at other ISOL facilities such as ISOLDE (CERN, or TRIUMF ( It consists of a moveable tape, on which the radioactive isotope is implanted. The implantation point is surrounded by plastic scintillators (to detect beta particles), alfa detectors and a gamma detector.

The optimal position of these detectors depends on the design of the yield station. The purpose of this project is to define a design, based on existing designs at other facilities and to simulate it in standard particle tracking codes such as GEANT4 ( A few key isotopes will be used to assess the best configuration of detectors around the implantation point.


- Investigate existing solutions at other labs;

- Define a design for ISOL@MYRRHA;

- Define the geometry in GEANT4 ;

- Simulate a few key radioactive isotopes and optimize the detection efficiency ;

The minimum diploma level of the candidate needs to be

Academic bachelor , Master of sciences , Master of sciences in engineering

The candidate needs to have a background in


Estimated duration

1 year