Technical visit at the Laboratory for Nuclear Calibrations - 2/2

SCK•CEN Mentor

Mihailescu Cristian,, +32 (0)14 33 23 89

Expert group

Dosimetric and Calibration Services


A short technical visit at the Laboratory for Nuclear Calibrations (LNK) of SCK-CEN will be organised on request of IAEA.


The goal of the visit is to share experience with dosimetry calibrations at a SSDL (Network member) laboratory. LNK is member of the SSDL network of laboratories.
ISO 17025 accredited calibrations and irradiations are performed at LNK for radiation protection and radiotherapy dose rates.

The following topics related to radiation protection calibrations (from LNK point of view) will covered:

1.    General infrastructure of an SSDL laboratory 

  1. overview of SCK•CEN dosimetry laboratory
  2. SSDL operation and management
  3. quality management system according to ISO 17025

2.    Introduction to radiation dosimetry

  1. radiation detectors and dosimeters
  2. overview of the calibration processes (ionization chambers, survey meters, contamination monitors, personal dosimeters)
  3. relevant guidance documents and standards
  4. practical examples: calculation of calibration coefficients, preparation of calibration certificates, estimation of uncertainties

The minimum diploma level of the candidate needs to be

Master of sciences

The candidate needs to have a background in