Financial support

Internships, Bachelor and Master thesis

Limited possibilities are available to receive a small financial support during your stay at SCK CEN. This will only be granted to foreign students, upon specific request, and after careful evaluation by the SCK CEN Academy and the SCK CEN mentor. Low-priced housing is available; for more information please consult the section "Housing facilities" at the SCK CEN website.

PhD thesis

PhD students will enroll at a university, and will also be employed by that university. SCK CEN will draw up an agreement with the university in which, amongst others, the financial issues are described: SCK CEN will cover for the personnel cost, according to the baremas of the university, a lump sum to cover working costs, and the requested overhead.


Post-doc researchers are employed by SCK CEN for a period of two years, under the same conditions as personnel with permanent contracts.

External financial support

The SCK CEN Academy is looking for additional financial support from external partners. 

Collaborations with industry and governmental organisations such as FWO are established. In this case the scientific content of the internship or thesis is guided by both parties. External financial support is also possible independent of any scientific guidance.

If you are interested in financially supporting research performed at SCK CEN, please contact the SCK CEN Academy for further info.


Our PhD pogramme could not be realised without the following promoting universities:



The SCK CEN Academy is grateful to all external financial contributors and thankful for their ongoing support.