Ongoing PhD research

Name Title Univ. Promoter SCK•CEN Mentor PhD started
Hoder Gabriel A study of the effect of combined leaching and carbonation processes on physical and transport properties of mortar TUDelft
van Breugel Klaas (TUDelft)
Maes Norbert 2017-01-15
AWARKEH May Investigation of the long-term behavior of Boom Clay CERMES-ENPC
Dizier Arnaud 2018-10-01
Casillas Jesus Joint inversion of physical and chemical state variable data within a multi-model subsurface hydrology framework
Walraevens Kristine
Rogiers Bart 2018-10-01
Bruneel Yaana Sorption of radionuclides on glauconite from the Neogene KULeuven
Smolders Erik (KULeuven)
Van Laer Liesbeth 2016-10-01